Back to Europe...

We are planning on moving to Berlin as missionaries on June 14,  2017 with Mission Enablers International at Gnadenhaus(‘Mercy House’). 

BERLIN, Germany 

Berlin is a a city of 3.4 million people, approximately 100 nationalities and as few as 5,000 spirit-filled Christians worshiping on any given Sunday. The city was divided and walled post world war 2 and bears the scars of those times. One-third of the city's buildings were destroyed in war and one in four children under five had to be medicated in post-war Berlin. The Berlin wall came down in 1989 but many Berliners still describe themselves in terms of "east" or "west" and the city and church still suffer from division and splits.  The city has become a modern metropolis where art and culture thrive as well as a spirit of lawlessness where it feels like "anything goes." However, the church is still standing in Berlin and there are movements of prayer, worship and the Burn 24-7 as well as stories of many Muslim refugees coming to Christ.

Our Story to Berlin...

Back in June, I (Lisa) started making contact with old friends from my time in Berlin Germany from 2006-2010.  This was only days after Michael and I had become engaged. We had a sense God was leading us back into the nations.

One couple, Nigel and Karen Rivers who are from the UK, own a big hotel-type house called “Gnadenhaus” (mercy House) near Tegel airport that they purchased in 2005. Their vision was to have community, worship, and see discipleship taking place. They wanted to have Americans, Brits and Germans living together and have ministry birthed from that place of family and prayer/worship. I worked with the Rivers to pioneer a discipleship course with the Jesus Freaks in Berlin and have been a part of the Burn 24-7 that was pioneered from their house in 2009. 

After a few skype meetings with friends in Berlin, we could see God drawing old friends together. Kerstin Wandel, whom I have worked with over several years—a dear sister to me(we were roommates, she translated for me in Berlin, and we partnered together in lots of training ministry both in Berlin and York) is also moving back to Berlin. As we all got talking, we felt God was leading us all to work and live together from the house. Nigel and Karen have had difficulty sustaining a worshiping community in the house since so many living there have been involved with other ministries outside the house.  They had just been praying God would lead the right people to live there when I e-mailed them just after Michael and I got engaged in June. We feel this is God’s timing.

What we will be doing:

We all have worship, prayer and discipleship on our hearts. We will be having regular worship and prayer, and listening for how God would lead us to discipleship in Berlin. Nigel & Karen are already connected with lots of churches locally and in the region and I have several nation-wide contacts with YWAM.  Our heart is to see Germans raised up and mobilized. Michael has a pastoral heart and besides worship and training, would be able to use his gifts in helping out in the house with all practical aspects of maintaining the facility. We would all be helping run the house and take ownership as we host outreach teams that do evangelism there in the spring and summers (mainly from European Initiative). I used to join the outreaches as often as I could when I lived or visited Berlin in the past. The house can hold 35 people as well as the four families living there permanently and there is a big meeting place where the Burn is currently being held and we would like to run discipleship from the house and come alongside local churches and ministries. There is also the opportunity to minister to the flood of refugees into Germany.

 What we need to get there/How to partner and pray

1.     HEALTH insurance: We don’t have a final quote but we need to raise approximately $2,200 for health insurance for the year.

2.     MOVING COSTS:  We need to raise $4-5000 in moving expenses or around that amount to set up a home.  Since we won’t have a car in Berlin, we felt the easiest thing would be to ship our apartment over but at the moment we are not  sure what is best--whether to get a visa when we are there or here in the USA.

3.     FLIGHTS:  $1,100 for flights one way flights on Norwegian Air June 14. (we have raised this money already in one-time donations)

4.     MONTHLY SUPPORT: $1700/monthly support to go along with what I have currently. (we have raised about $100 so far)

We decided to go for our visa after we arrive in Germany. We would leave with less than this total amount  we are aiming for but we are trying to fulfill our visa requirements and giving the German government NO REASON to deny us a visa. So if they feel we have enough support not to become a burden on the government, they will accept us.

There are two things we need in this time…we need a few prayer supporters who we could ask to pray for us regularly and intercede. I’ve started a closed Facebook group so if you want to be a part of it, please let me know and I will add you. Berlin is one of the darkest places I have ever lived. If you are not currently supporting us and would like to have more detailed information and see how God can use you to partner with us, please let us know. We need monthly financial support to make this work. We value your prayers so much. Or if you feel to give us a one time gift, please know that your contributions are tax deductible made out to Mission Enablers International. Click here 

 God bless you and thank you so much for being a part of our lives!

 With lots of love,

 Lisa (Cuellar) and Michael Dimmitt

Lisa (Cuellar)& Michael Dimmitt

Missionaries to Berlin, Germany